There are many places in New York City where you can find lodging. It all really depends on your preferences. We've taken a look around and found a few helpful websites that make it very easy to find the right accommodation for you. Please keep in mind that if you're also booking a flight, it may be possible and more cost effective if you book them both simultaneously. Visit our travel page and get the big picture before making your final decision.

There are so many websites that allow you to book hotels, but we found that was the best of the bunch. It uses a Google map to pinpoint each location. It contains pictures of most of the hotels that are listed, and also has a very good rating system with over 7,350,000 reviews. There are zero booking fees and the rates seemed to be pretty competitive., a affiliate website, is a trusted site with over 150,000 room nights booked daily.

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Hostels resemble basic hotels without the expensive corporate marketing budget. Many hostels control costs with dorm-style accommodations, but single or double rooms, sometimes with private bath, also may be available. There are many hostels now that are run by nonprofit national organizations, which are members of the nonprofit umbrella group Hostelling International. In our search, we've come across a great website for booking hostels. uses an interactive Google map of hostels in New York City to locate accommodations. It also has a decent rating system and plenty of reviews to help figure out which Hostel is best for you. We didn't expect to see so many hostels with pictures available, but this site had images for almost all of them.

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Vacation rentals combine the excitement of travel with the comforts of home. is a colletion of rental owners' homes, condos, villas, and resorts and has the largest database of verified and trusted guest reviews in the industry. Once you've searched through FlipKey's database of rentals and found a place that suits all your needs, simply contact the rental owner through the website and you're on your way. was suggested to us by a 9/11 activist that has travelled to NYC for an anniversary and had a pleasant experience using their website as well as with the rental itself.

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