Make sure this message gets out to anyone and everyone in the 9/11 truth movement. Send this information to as many media outlets as you possibly can. We all have busy schedules but if we start to put the message out now there will be more time for people to make arrangements to attend.

Social Media
Please share this website address ( on your favorite social networking sites: Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Digg, etc. Post it in all the 9/11 related Facebook groups and fan pages you know of. Please also share our Facebook Fan Page as well as our Facebook Event Page and spread the word by inviting your friends. You can also share any page on this website by surfing to that page and using the share option in the footer.

News Websites
Post our web address in the comments sections of 9/11 related articles on news websites. There are thousands of people out there who are interested in 9/11 information. Let's make sure they know where we will be on the anniversary of September 11th, 2001. When posting to forums or comment sections if posting links is prohibited you can use groundzero911(dot)com to get around the restriction.

Alternative Media
Send this website to as many alternative media outlets as you possibly can. Post it in the forums or in the comments section of articles. Call into radio and televison shows and promote the site and events. Also encourage anyone from the alternative media to attend. Russia Today should not be the only news agency covering the September 11th Anniversary every year.